And the little sweet tooth adventure


Everyone who knows me a little bit would probably fathom that my tooth is much sweeter than my character. I happen to have a real weak spot for all the cutest, smallest, sweetest little things that any doctor or nutritionist would advise us to cut down on. “A little sugar hurts nobody” is my self-help line, despite being constantly referred to as the chocolate devourer, cookie monster, or macaron maniac. In fact, during my stay at her house in Berlin, Impish Furrie was slightly annoyed that I always started the day munching chocolate, whereas her mom had  prepared a generous Victorian-style brunch for us. Oh, those little things that could bring instant happiness…

Consequently, it was no surprise that one of Paris’ unfailing charms for me lies on its multitude of bakeries, patisseries and tea rooms. One can stumble upon at every Parisian corner a huge range of dairy goodies, tearing and tugging you at heartstrings. Our white flag was soon waved and I could barely count the number of croissants we had during those short three days…



We also made use of the time in Paris to visit some iconic tea rooms. When feeling lovely in one’s maxi dress on a perfect spring day, what’s better than kicking it off with a ‘royal’ treat at Angelina or Ladurée ? We Furries consider ourselves an elegant breed and are naturally drawn into chic things;  thus, we treasured delicate interior settings that could greatly enhance our sweet tooth experience. Notably, the fancy decoration of Angelina Rue Royal and Ladurée Champs-Élysées, featuring  golden embellished walls, chandeliers, and medieval art gave us some moments of modern princesses. “I hate you for bringing me here and turning me into this excited little girl”, cried Impish Furrie. We were particularly swept away by the millefeuille at Angelina, which had  just the perfect amount of sweet, creamy, buttery, and left us forever crave for more. At Ladurée, we experienced the magic of the ispahan, which resembled a giant rose petal macaron with raspberry stuffing. And what’s more, it was flavor with lychee to complete the perfection. Honestly, Ladurée creations are just artworks; they are so beautiful that I had a hard time tearing them apart to be slid down my happy tummy.

We ended our adventure with a lovely afternoon consisting of tea and Vogue at the Ladurée at the heart of Saint Germain, with simpler decoration compared to the Champs-Élysées location, yet boasting considerable sophistication and subtlety. There we tried  the tea mélange Ladurée, an association of black tea with citrus fruit, flowers, sweet spices and vanilla, and coupled it with some macarons- soft yet crunchy, fluffy yet chewy, and as delicious as ever (my favorite flavors are salted caramel, pistachio, and rose petal!).

Till next time my dear Paris, and for now, I’m still reminiscing about all those heavenly goodies.

— Vintage Furrie  


IMG_7870 IMG_7881
















IMG_5526  IMG_5286 IMG_5289



Quick pass by Pierre Hermé

IMG_7958 IMG_7959

Macaron moment by the Louvre

IMG_8052 IMG_8053

Pictures taken by Phoebe Nguyen and Natascha Asberger



7 thoughts on “And the little sweet tooth adventure

    • Allane you have a beautiful blog! I’ve just read your post on 20 things to do in Paris and even for a lifetime Paris lover as me, it is amazing and resourceful. Sorry I wrote you here because I can’t seem to comment on your post?! I also checked other posts too…

      • Thank you so much! Happy that you liked my blog!
        Sorry about the commenting part, you can sign up with Disqus, then every time you come back you will be able to comment under your blog’s url 😀 I hope it works next time.
        And yesss, we share the love for Paris no doubt 😀
        Happy to have found your blog!

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