Inspire Me.

Every Fashionista has her very own sources of inspiration. My dear Vintage Furrie and I shall, nevertheless, introduce you to some of our go-to magazines and online platforms as well as to some of our favourite designers, models and eras that have influenced our styles. And who knows…this might give you some new ideas on where to get inspiration – hopefully helping you realize your fashion potential.

While living in London, getting new ideas for outfits and staying on top of the new fashion trends was fairly easy. I would just leave my apartment in Shoreditch, East London, and take in everything that came my way. Every single person in that part of town looks effortlessly fahionable. You could never be overdressed or overstyled in this city, even if you tried.

However, I do not live there anymore, which, sadly enough, means that I have to rely on alternative means to get inspired. Even after leaving the UK, I stayed true to the British Fashion sense, and thus to ASOS – simply THE most fabulous online shop on earth. It has most British high street brands as well as designers and, of course, its own ASOS brand. You could spend days browsing through everything.

By browsing through their new stock, you get an idea of what is in and what isn’t and with which trend you can identify and which one seems too risky (for now). That does not just apply to single pieces of clothes, jewellery or shoes but also for outfit combinations as well as hair and make up trends.

Living in a small city in the Netherlands, my happiness is very much dependent on these ‘silver-bag-deliveries’!

ASOS deliveries

Vintage lovers, such as my Furrie for instance, also have the possibility to find daily inspiration on ASOS, namely on their Marketplace. ASOS Marketplace comes especially handy if you don’t have nice vintage shops in your area or if you feel like getting something unique from a small boutique.

Another very important source of inspiration for me is Pinterest, which further gives you the opportunity to express yourself through ‘pinning’ pictures that you like onto your own ‘boards’. Thus, I can create a virtual image of my style, which might give others the opportunity to get inspired by my suggestions.


Pinterest is so much more than just fashion though. I love looking up cool food creations on there as well as future vacation spots. Pinterest is a place to dream and relax for a bit πŸ™‚

Let us know what you find most inspiring !


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