Goodbye Maastown. Hello Opportunities!



It has been exactly half a year since we updated the blog! We feel truly horrible to have neglected our baby that long, but we’ve undergone some crucial transition periods that all our heart and mind have been constantly occupied. Just five months ago, a lot of life uncertainties kept pestering us and we would lie awake many nights pondering over all the options out there for our next steps. We got caught in a quarter-life crisis in its most literal sense!

So Impish Furrie and I decided that we would continue bringing joy and adventures through our blog only when we’ve somehow settled down with our new lives and have obtained clearer minds, as well as lighter hearts. So much have happened for the past half year that I am now still amazed at the course things took, and that I am where I am at the moment. But looking back, we are truly grateful for all the love, life, and fashion lessons that we’ve experienced (yes, fashion too, because fashion is the armour to survive the reality of daily life, remember? so we need it most when our lives got more complicated than they usually are).

Anyways, we are glad to announce some critical changes. The first news is that we both left The Netherlands. Impish Furrie is now a proud Master of Law (I’m so proud of her too!), back to her hometown Berlin, freelancing some creative projects until venturing into the ‘real’ world to earn ‘real’ money. I went back to Vietnam, my hometown, for vacation for two months. I also got accepted to research masters at several universities across Europe, and the two options that were the most attractive to me were a Fashion Master at Stockholm University and a research master in Development Studies at Oxford University (totally different fields I know, but those two passions have shaped and divided my life forerver). I ended up going to Oxford! I still think it was magical that I got accepted and got the fundings to go to my dream university since childhood. The best things always came unexpectedly.

We cried a lot on our last night together in Maastricht. Although we had already planned a reunion in London just in a few months’ time, it was heart-breaking not to have your best friend within fifteen minutes’ distance; for me it really felt like the end of an era. No no, before you might accuse me of being all over-dramatic (after all, friends move around!), let me defend myself by clarifying that that night, it truly dawned on me that I was going to leave my life for the past five years, as well as many truly wonderful persons behind. I’ve grown attached to the country and have had countless beautiful moments there, but at the same time I felt an urge to get out again and build something bigger. My predicament was, just like Anais Nin had put it so well, “I’m restlesss. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again”

Back to our (now long-distance) friendship, we Furries agree that we will keep providing as many eccentric adventures as possible (although sadly, we will not be together in the same picture as often). Our adventures will continue in Oxford, in Berlin, all over Europe and all elsewhere, with as much optimism and magic as we can possibly channel.

Finally, this post is dedicated to Maastricht, the prettiest Dutch town that has nurtured our ‘Furrieship’, our up and down moments, and our processes of exploring, maturing, and becoming.

– Vintage Furrie  







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