VALENTINO. In these stressful days of gloomy weather and Oxford overflowing workload, what is more soothing than allowing myself to escape reality a little while and immerse into Valentino’s whimsical world? Valentino, for me, is everything angelic, feline, pristine, created with the most sophisticated embroidery on the softest, silkiest fabric. Each piece seems to imply a story, a fairy tale that celebrates the female body. Each collection is woven by a consistent theme, from musical composure of the opera in Spring 2014 couture, flowers and underwater creatures of Italian patrimonies in Spring Summer 2015 Ready-to-wear, to the royal white in the most recent New York flagship’s haute couture collection. What feasts for the eyes!
So… let us blur the line between reality and fantasy, slide ourselves into one of these artworks, and dream away.

– Vintage Furrie

de38472796f680fe867ec3c7d3d51d8b 20bf051d8be4c91424748002dbeeb668 8cc8e13c2f03a1252c81cbca25f7ab72 99d33fc2cf94cc8a1e454088f6bed9ce MARC0436 MARC0799  MARC0015MARC0672




ed146fdc-f205-4b48-b9c6-df6637e5acfdPictures via style.com and valentino.com


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