Black is my happy color.

Black is my happy colour

A lover of colors in general (with gold and sky blue my favourites),  I always get excited to play with them and find the right proportion when styling an outfit. Color- it’s one main thing that fashion is after, right? (I am now stocking up on metallic gold, light pink and light green pieces!). My wardrobe staples are, however, defined by one dominant invader: Black. I collect anything black: black hats of all shapes, black dresses of all all cuts, black heels of all heights, black jumpsuits, coats and blazers, and I rarely leave home these days without a pair of black boots and a black umbrella (hello England!?). I am ‘blackly’ equipped from top to toe!

Black is simple, laid-back, yet elegant, sexy, powerful, mysterious. And… black pieces just go with anything! A well-cut black blazer and a pair of black stilettos put you in charge for any formal meeting. A light, soft black jumpsuit conveys your nonchalance and makes you stand out among flowery-dressed girls in the summer. Black boots are the savers during winter-When you’re like a teddy bear with tons of layers, black boots, depending on the model, add a touch of refinement or grunge to your look. And need I mention the omnipotent Little Black Dress (LBD) that can rescue you on almost any occasion? From formal dining to rowdy clubbing, it can all be the same dress. Pair it with a slim-fit blazer, pearl jewelries and a pair of stilettos, off you go to a luxurious formal dinner. Take out the blazer and change to sparkling earrings, you’re ready to dance your night away! If I’m clothed in total black though, I’ll make use of bright lipstick, gold jewelries or embellished bags to strike an outstanding note (you can see below are some of my recent total black looks that accompanied me in Oxford, Marrakech and Paris).

Christian Dior has wonderfully put it: “Black is the most slimming of all colors. It is the most flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear it with an age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black.” — So.. get out there and treat yourself with some of the black staples, and you’ll find them not only your dilemma resolver, but also your go-to classics.

– Vintage Furrie

IMG_3327 IMG_2941IMG_5634 IMG_5560 IMG_5543 IMG_5134 IMG_3299


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